Top scary movies of 2020 Halloween Kills, reviews, cast & release date

Top scary movies of 2020 Halloween Kills Summary

Top scary movies of 2020 Halloween Kills, reviews, cast & release date

Top scary movies of 2020, Halloween Kills is an upcoming Hollywood movie. The movie is directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Danny McBride and Scott Teems.

The movie is a follow-up to 2018’s Halloween. This movie will be 12th in series. The movie is starred by Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle taking on from their roles as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, with James Jude Courtney also posing as Myers.

Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Kyle Richards, Charles Cyphers and Nancy Stephens are taking on their roles from the 2018 and 1978 films, with Anthony Michael Hall also adding to this. The movie is produced by Jason Blum under the banner of Blumhouse Productions, alongside Malek Akkad and Bill Block.

Prior to the release of the 2018 movie, McBride confirmed in June 2018 that he and Green initially meant to distribute two movies that might be made towards one another after which determined towards them, trying ahead to the response to the primary movie.

The title and sequel to the movie have been introduced in July 2019.

Halloween Kills is slated to be released in the United States on October 16, 2020, by Universal Pictures. This will be followed by another sequel, Halloween Ends, which is slated to hit on October 15, 2021.

Halloween Kills Cast

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, the sole survivor of Michael Myers’ 1978 killing spree, suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder. She is Karen’s mother and Allyson’s grandmother.

Donald Pleasence as Dr. Samuel Loomis (Through archival footage and CGI), Michael’s Psychiatrist, and the man responsible for the capture of Michael Myers on the night of his 1978 killing spree.

James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle as Michael Myers / the Shape, the masked figure who carried out a horrific massacre on Halloween in 1978, and returns to Haddonfield for another killing spree.

Airon Armstrong portrays a young version of Michael Myers in flashbacks in 1978.

Judy Greer as Karen Nelson, Laurie’s daughter and Allyson’s mother.

Andi Matichak as Allyson Nelson, Karen’s daughter and Laurie’s granddaughter.

Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle, Lindsey’s friend and one of the kids Laurie babysat in 1978.

Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, Tommy’s friend and one of the kids Laurie babysat in 1978.

Charles Cyphers as Leigh Brackett, the former sheriff of Haddonfield who lost his daughter in the 1978 killing spree and pursued Michael alongside Dr. Sam Loomis.

Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers, the former assistant to Dr. Sam Loomis.

Robert Longstreet as Lonnie Elam, Cameron’s father who bullied Tommy Doyle as a child in 1978.

Tristian Eggerling as Young Lonnie Elam

Dylan Arnold as Cameron Elam, Allyson’s ex-boyfriend and Lonnie’s son.

Omar Dorsey as Sheriff Barker, Haddonfield’s sheriff.

Jibrail Nantambu as Julian Morrisey, a young boy who escaped from Michael’s killing spree in the previous film.

Brian F. Durkin as Deputy Graham, Haddonfield’s deputy.

Carmela McNeal as Vanessa, Haddonfield Memorial Hospital’s nurse.

Michael Smallwood as Marcus, Haddonfield Memorial Hospital’s doctor.

Ryan Lewis as Deputy Sullivan

Salem Collins as Christy

Giselle Witt as Mindy

J. Gaven Wilde as Dennis

Diva Tyler as Sondra

Mike Dupree as Ventriloquist

John Flanagan as Paramedic

Andy Bethea as Police Officer

Top scary movies of 2020 Halloween Kills, reviews, cast & release date

Top scary movies of 2020 Halloween Kills Crew members

Directed by David Gordon Green
Produced by Jason Blum, Malek Akkad, Bill Block
Written by David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Scott Teems
Based on Characters by John Carpenter Debra Hill
Music by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies
Cinematography Michael Simmonds
Production company Miramax, Blumhouse Productions, Trancas International Pictures,
Rough House Productions
Distributed by Universal Pictures

Halloween Kills Release date

Release date – October 16, 2020 (United States)
Country – United States
Language – English

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